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2010-02-14 19:30:24 by ryuken104

I think i'm gonna change up my mainpage soon to my liking.I've got one main page theme that I think will look pretty good.

In the making...

2009-10-06 12:01:27 by ryuken104

I'm trying to put together my very first flash video.I cannot give you anything specific because that would ruin everything
For the pilot i need:
1 script
1 voice actor
1 preloader
1 programmer

this pilot may be done within the next few months

Note to the viewers: This flash might even be a series depending on how much you like it.


2009-09-09 13:01:09 by ryuken104

I read like 5 minutes ago that the Madness Day 2009 contest is coming up and i don't know how the hell im gonna submit anything for the contest since i don't know how to make games or videos, i have to make something in 13 days or im screwed. ) :<


2009-08-27 21:25:35 by ryuken104

its finally 8/27/09, the day ive been waiting for todays the day Castle Crashers comes to ps3. i also been thinking of making a certain "something" that would interest people. i have NOT submitted any kind of artwork or whatever to this website yet, which is something i wish to do. though i haven't been on this website long, it seems pretty fuckin cool. so far ive played the alien hominid demo which gets pretty addictive, the second game ive played was newgrounds rumble which resembles the SSB series except newgrounds rumble is better, if newgrounds rumble wasn't on pc then it should've been on psp. the third game was castle crashing the beard which gets just as addictive as alien hominid, i think tom fulp makes a great boss and should be DLC for Castle Crashers on ps3. the fourth game is picos school, its easier to play on my ps3 than it is on a laptop, the part that made me LMAO was when pico uses that lead joke XD. uh-oh gotta go p.s add me to your ps3 friends list my ID is ryuken104.